Stefani Cristal Water Purifier

Stefani Cristal Water Purifers are available in 6 Liters and 8 Liters sizes.

New generation of water purifiers featuring harmony and transparency for all the environments. The Stefani Cristal Filter is part of a new generation of filters, which seeks to bring much more harmony and transparence for all the environments, with particular attention to practicality.

It is equipped with the Stefani Dechlorinating Cartridge, which eliminates the chlorine taste of the water and retains solid particles and impurities 1000 times smaller than a sand grain. Beyond combining and decorating the most diverse environments, it is ideal for those who want to have pure and healthy water wherever you go. It is dismountable and extremely lightweight, and its compact and resistant box makes its transport easier, making it ideal for transportation.

  • Transparency that allows water visualization.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Modern and distinct.
  • Equipped with the new generation of Stefani Clic Taps.

The Stefani Cristal water purifier comes equipped with the Stefani De-chlorinating and Sterilizing Filter Candles are coated with silver, the dechlorinating/sterilizing filter candle reduces fungus, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms and chemicals present in the water. The micro-pores of the ceramic filter wall filter the impurities, resulting in crystalline water.

The activated charcoal present in the filtering element guarantee efficiency in the elimination of bad odors, taste and chlorine present in the water. The colliodal silver and activated carbon made from coconut shells in the filtering candle guarantees the elimination of bad odors and improves the taste of the water. Inside the Stefani Purifying Unit is a Filtering Candle of advanced design. It has a micro-porous ceramic outer wall, lined inside with colloidal silver, and holding an inner core of activated charcoal (filters 0.5 micros). As the water passes through the candle the respective layers remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and amoebas and 99% of suspended solids. All Stefani terracotta water purifiers utilize and feature the Stefani Dechlorinating candle filter. Ceramic filtration has been used for over 150 years around the world.

Stefani filters and water purifiers requires no electrical power and drastically reduces the use of plastic water bottles thereby helping the enronment. Stefani water purifiers systems, terracotta water crocks and water filter candles are used worldwide for its excellence in design and water purifying qualities in countries like US, England, Australia, South Africa, Peru and others. These water filters are used extensively by NGOs for an affordable solution to provide clean water to under-privileged areas of the world.

Each Stefani Silver Coliodal Coated Dechlorinating/Sterilizing filter candle makes water crystal clear and eliminate impurities present in the water. Each filter candle will efficiently reduce or remove chlorine, bacteria, lead, viruses, fungus and other harmful microorganisms and chemicals making water totally safe for consumption.

The Stefani Filter candle replacement can last up to 6 months or 500 litres of filtered water. Please note that depending on the water quality in your area, you may need to replace the water filter candle sooner than the 6 months timeframe noted above.

The Stefani filter candles offer superior filtration of 0.5 microns which is a fraction of a sand particle. This high level of purification ensures the removal of most impurities from the purified water and reults in the most naturally fresh healthy drinking water. Various local and international water quality laboratories have certified that Stefani water filters consistently remove and reduce the water impurities and contaminants listed below:

  • 99.9% Bacteria
  • 99.9% Amoeba
  • 99.7% Copper
  • 99.6% Lead
  • 98.5% Chlorine
  • 99.4% Iron
  • 99.4% Zinc
  • 97.0% Bromoform
  • 95.0% Dichlorobromomethane
  • 94.5% Aluminum
  • 93.0% Chloroform
  • 93.0% Dibromochloromethane
  • 92.0% Dieldrine
  • 87.0% Lindane

Enjoy the most naturally refreshing great tasting water with Stefani Terracotta water purifiers!

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